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Saddles and Smiles meets on the third Tuesday of every month
from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm.  In the warmer weather we meet at
Jefferson County Fairgrounds, and in the winter at Shotwell
Farm in Charles Town.
2018 Schedule

January 16 at Shotwell Farm
February 2
0 at Shotwell Farm
March 2
0 at Shotwell Farm
April 17 at Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds
May 1
5 at Jefferson county Fairgrounds
June 1
9 at Jefferson County Fairgrounds
July 1
7 at Jefferson County Fairgrounds
August 1
9 at Jefferson County fairgrounds
September 1
8 at Jefferson County Fairgrounds
October 1
6 at Jefferson County Fairgrounds
November 2
0 at Shotwell Farm

In December, we move our date to the 2nd Tuesday since
the holiday season is so busy for many -
December 1
1 at Shotwell Farm
Watch for our Spring fun
Show and more
lots of fun classes!
Start designing your horse's
easter bonnet for our easter
Special Needs Easter Egg hunt
Hounds on the Fairgrounds
at the
Jefferson county fairgrounds